Membership Subscription – चार कोठा

Ever since we started our rental service, the fee / commission we have charged has been quite high. In our country’s context, some people under certain demography will find it very costly. We are aware of that. But the way things are, we cannot lower the rate as we need to function at that price-level to remain operational. In the future we may be able to lower the rate with adoption of more efficient methods and business expansion, which is what we are working towards, but for now we have no choice but to run things as they are.

However, as an alternative, we came up with a new service which is much cheaper. This is our “Membership” service that allows people looking for property to rent to get access to contact numbers of house owners directly from our website for Rs 2000 / per month. Everyday we post dozens of vacant listings available on the market on our website. Clients who purchase the membership will be eligible to get the contact details of those property owners and can deal directly without any additional charges. We think this is ideal for people who want to avail our service but their decisions are hindered because of the high fee of our existing service.

With Rs 2000, a client can browse through hundreds of properties from the comfort of their home. Additionally, we have a vast database of properties that we have maintained since the last 7 / 8 years. Although the status of these properties cannot be determined in real-time, clients can still call them up and enquire about the availability.

Unlike our dedicated service, membership only guarantees access to contact details of landlords from the day of activation of the membership till 30 days. Everything else is upto the client. From scheduling visits, checking properties, bargaining for rent with landlords and all the rest will be the responsibility of the client themselves. Our company does not participate in the matter.

We also do not guarantee that the client will find a property that will be an “exact-match“ of their expectation. However, we do assure that many properties will be available to them that will match their requirements “in general”.

We are happy to disclose that many “members” have already bought the membership and we have observed a high number of satisfied clients so far, which is very encouraging for us. We feel we have been able to correctly identify the needs of customers and have been able to design a new service that has been spot on. We do see wider demand for this service and expect a substantial contribution to our business in the coming days..